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Recycled Materials

ODOT 1069 Approved RPCC 703.11 Type 1 Structural Backfill (304 Gradation)
RPCC 703.11 is a concrete recycled 304 material to use for structural backfill such as underground sewer work, manholes, catch basins, and other similar types of structures.

ODOT 1069 Approved RPCC 703.16 Granular Material Type C
RPCC 703.16 is a concrete recycled 3" top size 304 material to be used for areas requiring Type C backfill.

ODOT 1069 Approved 703.16 Type B (304 Gradation) Bank Run Sand & Gravel
703.16 Type B Bank Run Sand and Gravel is graded at a 304 gradation which can be used for all state grade projects requiring a 703.16 Type B gradation for backfill. It conforms to 203.02 H and falls under granular material Type B. This is also excellent material for private work as a backfill product where recycled concrete is not permitted.

ODOT 1069 Approved 703.11 Type 2 (703.02 A Gradation) Bank Run Sand & Gravel
703.11 Type 2 Bank Run Sand and Gravel is graded at a 3/8" top size and is a clean structural backfill sand that can be used for all DOT projects that require 703.11 Type 2 backfill. This is also a fine sand product that can be used for private work.

304 Recycled-Non Spec
304 Non Spec is a recycled product that is not a state project source concrete. It meets the 304 gradation and can be used in all private or public work where 304 Recycled is allowed. It is a great product for structural backfill, base for parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and patios.

1's & 2's Recycled-Non Spec
1's and 2's Recycled-Non Spec is a great product for temporary construction entrances, temporary driveways, both commercial and residential, pipe bedding, and soft subgrade stabilization.