Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc.

ODOT Project 13-8033

Interstate Route 271, Summit County, Ohio

8033This project was awarded at a bid cost of $46,648,926.00 in August of 2013 by the Ohio Department of Transportation. It is located in the Village of Richfield and the Townships of Richfield and Boston in Summit County, Ohio. The project spans 5.31 miles on Interstate Route 271.

The scope of work involves the full depth pavement removal and replacement with asphalt concrete on both the northbound and southbound lanes. In addition, all ramps located within the project limits of 271 will be reconstructed. The 271 side roads, which included State Route 303, County Road 17, State Route 176, and parts of Interstate Route 77, will also undergo reconstruction. Bridge 8033rehabilitation and reconstruction will be performed at State Route 303, County Road 17, State Route 176, and all Interstate Route 77 structures.

There are nine phases of construction as well as extensive pre-phase work, which consisted of temporary concrete pavement. Pre-phase work began in fall of 2013 and all work is progressing on schedule. Other project improvements include extensive drainage work, including an 84” storm sewer, all new signage and guardrails, high mast lighting, and permanent striping.

As the project evolved, Allega has value-engineered more efficient maintenance of traffic patterns to aid construction by utilizing contra flow traffic patterns. This will place three lanes of traffic on one side of the road and one lane on the opposite side while half of each side is built simultaneously. These configurations allow work to be performed with minimal disruption to the traveling public.8033

This project commenced in October of 2013 and is currently scheduled for completion in the summer of 2017.8033








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