Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc.

ODOT Project 0078-07

Project Title: ODOT Project 0078-07

Project Location: U.S. Route 24 in Defiance and Paulding Counties, Ohio

Project Owner: ODOT

US Route 24 in Defiance and Paulding Counties, Ohio

This project, which was a Joint Venture of Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc. and E.S. Wagner Company, was a portion of the "U.S. Route 24 Fort to Port" (Fort Wayne, Indiana to Port Toledo, Ohio) Realignment and Expansion. This is an approximate 10.4-mile long 4-lane divided highway with a new construction of seven bridges, roadway, storm drainage, 12" watermain, and noise barriers.

The paving included 21 miles of two-lane pavement in which Allega crews slipformed two lanes along with a four-foot wide shoulder in one pass. A ten-foot wide shoulder was added on later. The project included a typical diamond interchange on one end of the project to intersect US 24 with US 127 near Paulding, Ohio connecting US 24 with SR 424.

The project was originally designed with three Maintenance of Traffic phases. Allega and E.S. Wagner staffs were able to stage the work to combine Phases 2 and 3 to streamline the work and minimize the disruption to traffic flow at the busy interchange area on the Defiance end of the project.

Allega paving crews poured the last cubic yard of concrete on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 to tie in the mainline pavement with the westbound bridge over CSX railroad. When the paving work was complete, Allega crews had poured 192,000 cubic yards of concrete in 105 days of production over the course of two construction seasons.

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