Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc.

ODOT Project 597-08

Project Title: ODOT Project 597-08

Project value: $92,114,195

Project Location: State Route 2 in the cities of Eastlake, Willoughby, and Mentor

Project Owner: ODOT

State Route 2 in the cities of Eastlake, Willoughby, and Mentor - Lake County, Ohio

ODOT Project 597-08 was one of ODOT District 12's largest contracts. It was a Joint Venture between Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc. and The Great Lakes Construction Company. With approximately 4.5 miles of reconstruction and the widening of State Route 2 in Lake County, Ohio, this project entailed over 384,000 square yards of new 11 1/2" concrete pavement. New entrance and exit ramps were constructed at SR 306, Lost Nation Road, Vine Street, and SR 91. In addition, this project consisted of the rehabilitation of seven bridge structures, four retaining walls and over 131,000 square feet of noise wall, new storm sewers, 132" pipe liner installation under SR 2, and new lighting and signalization installed throughout the project limits. The contract required a Contractor's Designed Maintenance of Traffic Plan in which Allega and Great Lakes' project staff was able to implement a bi-directional traffic pattern. This ultimately reduced traffic congestion and ceated a safer work environment for our employees and the traveling public.

This three-year project consisted of three stages of construction, which commenced in April 2009 and had a scheduled completion of Fall 2011. Stage 1 construction, which was completed in 2009, provided new concrete paving from Lost Nation Road to approximately 1,500 lineal feet east of the Newell Creek Bridge along with a new third lane of pavement to ease traffic congestion. Stage 1 also saw new bridge construction at Lost Nation Road and Newell Creek. New interchange ramps on SR 306 were completed along with minor pavement widenings to SR 306 to accept the new ramp configurations. Portions of Lost Nation Road were constructed with new 9-inch reinforced concrete pavement from Riverside Commons to Reeves Road along with new entrance and exit ramps to SR 2.

Stage 3 work began in Spring of 2010 and reopened to traffic in December 2010. This portion of the project included the reconstruction of SR 2 from just east of SR 91 to Stevens Boulevard. This phase consisted of new mainline concrete paving on SR 2 along with new entrance and exit ramps to Vine Street and two new ramps on SR 91. Vine Street also received concrete widenings to accept the new ramp configurations. The remaining portions of E-361st Street bridge were completed along with a new bridge structure on SR 2 over Vine Street.

The last segment of this project, Stage 2, commenced in the Spring of 2011 after significant weather impacts. This portion tied together Stage 1, which was completed in 2009, and the Stage 3 section that was completed in 2010. Phase 2 entailed three new lanes of 11-1/2” thick concrete pavement in the Eastbound and Westbound lanes of SR-2 between Stevens Boulevard and Lost Nation Road. The remaining portions of the Lost Nation ramps were reconstructed with new 11-1/2” concrete pavement and concrete median walls and high mast lighting were installed. In addition, reconstruction took place on the bridges over the Chagrin River and Erie Road. After record rain fall events suffered in April and May of 2011, the project was completed in December 2011 at a final contract amount of $92,114,195.00.

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