Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc.

ODOT Project 0079-07

Project Title: ODOT Project 0079-07

Project value: $17,451,598

Project Location: SR 322 Mayfield Road within the limits of Mayfield Heights, Ohio

Project Owner: ODOT

Finished under budget and on schedule

SR 322 Mayfield Road within the limits of Mayfield Heights, Ohio

In the fall of 2009, Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc. completed the remaining portion of the three year Mayfield Road project. The $17,451,598 project finished approximately $1.2 million under budget. The project also finished on schedule and allowed for a four month winter reprieve in 2007/2008 and 2008/2009. In addition, there were no lost work days due to injury (zero recordables).

Furthermore, ODOT’s goal of 9% DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) participation was satisfied. Approximately $1,506,300 or 9.2% of the work was completed by a certified DBE contractor more than the contract goals. The DBE work included the construction of the sanitary sewer line, water service connections, and milling/asphalt work.

The project’s success can be attributed to the partnership between the contractor (Allega), the owner (ODOT) and the city (Mayfield Heights). Many innovated ideas were put into place in order for the project to finish under budget and on schedule with a winter reprieve (which was never part of the contract schedule). These innovative ideas included split-phasing the temporary signals and changing the construction sequence of the sanitary sewer and concrete paving sequence.

The project’s key highlight was the placement of 92,800 SY of 10” non-reinforced pavement. The pavement constructed had no deficiency in core thickness and surface smoothness (1/8” in 10’). The completion of the project has increased the LOS (Level of Service) by decreasing traffic congestion at and near the I-271 Interchange and the RT 91 intersection at Mayfield Road. This was accomplished by the addition of an extra lane, in each direction, from Hillcrest Hospital (east of RT 91) to Golden Gate Blvd. (west of I-271). In addition, an extra lane was added on the I-271 off ramps, as well as signalization.

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