Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc.

Boeing Flight Line Expansion

Boeing South Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina

In December of 2015, Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc. entered into a contract with Turner Construction Company as a subcontractor on the Boeing Flight Line Expansion Project. This project is located in Charleston, South Carolina at the Boeing South Carolina Campus. Boeing South Carolina is home to the second 787 Dreamliner assembly facility.

The Boeing Flight Line Expansion Project commenced work in September 2015. Allega’s portion of the work, at a cost of $8,070,605, includes the placement of 8” lean concrete base, and portland cement concrete pavements at 8”, 15”, and 20” thicknesses for three additional flight line stalls, a towpath, and apron pad. These will lead to the currently constructed Boeing paint facility. Allega began work as of February 2016 and will also be installing 2,196 linear feet of aircraft rated, custom trench drains.

In an effort to improve the cost and time efficiency for this project, Allega has made several decisions to aid in the success of this project. Allega submitted a change to the original design and replaced P-304 cement treated base (CTB) for the use of lean concrete. By utilizing the lean concrete, Allega will be eliminating the two lift process and trim time required for CTB. Allega has mobilized one of several of their concrete plants. It has been reconstructed off-site in Charleston where it will provide the concrete material for the entirety of this project for Allega’s scope of work.

One of the unique features in the construction of the Boeing Project will be the use of the GZ S850 slip form paver. This paver uses string-less technology that is controlled by the Leica Geosystem when installing both the lean concrete and the concrete pavement. This project is schedule driven with an estimated completion date set for October 2016. As a string-less paver, the S850 will significantly reduce the amount of time in paving as well as reduce the human error factor with the use of the Leica guiding system. This technology, paired with the mix design for this project, will improve the smoothness and rideability in the final outcome of the Boeing Project. Allega crews are working six days a week with a combination night and day schedule in order to facilitate a timely production in cooperation with the weather to strive for a successful and scheduled project completion.

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