Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc.

Taxiway A, B, & G Upgrades & Lighting Improvements

Charleston International Airport, Charleston, South Carolina

This project was awarded to Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc. at a cost of $20,879,567 in October 2015 by the Charleston County Aviation Authority.  It is located at the Charleston International Airport in Charleston, South Carolina.

The project’s scope of work consists of over 80,000 square yards of taxiway reconstruction improvements utilizing 17” concrete pavement and 6” econocrete base pavement, new asphalt shoulders as well as storm drainage systems, cured in place pipe lining, and storm water pollution prevention items.  In addition, new, state of the art LED edge lights and associated wiring will be installed.

A portable concrete plant will be erected outside the airport to supply the concrete ready mix and the econocrete base material.  In addition, the existing concrete pavement will be removed, recycled, and reused on this project as a savings to the project cost.

The airport’s schedule for this project has a very strict and demanding timetable that consists of six major developing phases of work.  This will include nightly closures for Runways 03-21 and 15-33, which will allow the construction to take place without interfering with the airport’s daily operations.  Each phase was designed with a duration time by the owner to be implemented in the schedule.

The project is currently scheduled to commence work in January 2016 and projected to be completed in June 2017.

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