Charleston Air Force Base

Project Title: Charleston Airforce Base

Project value: $15,000,000.00

Project Location: South Carolina

Project Owner: Air Force

Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc. was a subcontractor to DWG & Associates, the General Contractor, on the 15-33 Runway Project. This project was located at the Charleston Air Force Base in South Carolina with a contract value of $15,000,000.00. The project commenced in April of 2012 and included the total removal and replacement of Runway 15-33. Allega was subcontracted to install the drainage layer and 18” Portland Cement Concrete on the project. This project was completed in the summer of 2013.

To perform the work required on this project, with a demanding schedule and tight time frames, Allega had to mobilize two portable concrete plants. Both plants are capable of producing an excess of 250 CY/hour each. In addition, Allega had two large slip form pavers on site and paved at a width of 37.5’ wide. Concrete was placed in excess of 4000 CY/day using 20-25 on road dump trucks for hauling the concrete. The concrete was then placed in front of the slip form paver with the use of two concrete placing machines, specifically designed to spread the concrete evenly.

During the summers of 2012 and 2013, work was completed at night due to weather and temperature limitations. The drainage layer and concrete paving operations were handled by a quality crew of 16 employees, not counting the dump truck drivers who were subcontractors to Allega. This project had very stringent quality control measures in place. The concrete was placed at a low slump concrete about ¾” and records were kept of edge slump, rideability, core thickness, and general concrete requirements, such as air content, slump, unit weight and temperature. The coarse aggregate used for the concrete and drainage layer was made from granite that came from Nova Scotia. This material was barged into the Port of Charleston and transferred by dump trucks to the onsite concrete plant location.

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