Runway 5L-23R

Project Title: Runway 5L-23R

Project value: $129,546,779

Project Location: Cleveland Hopkins international Airport, Ohio

Project Owner: City of Cleveland

Completed under budget and before the scheduled completion date

Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc. was prime contractor on this endeavor for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. It was awarded at a bid cost of $129,546,779 in 2001. The project commenced on the first of Febuary of 2001 and it was completed under budget and two weeks prior to its scheduled completion date of November 30 of 2005.This project was governed by the requirements of The City of Cleveland, The Department of Port Control, and The FAA. The scope of this project included the new construction of a 9000’ runway, paving an area of over 500,000 square yards, over 400,000 of which was 16” concrete pavement, earthwork, sub-base, drainage layer, 16” Portland concrete pavement, drainage work, electrical, asphalt shoulders, and pavement removal. Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc. performed earthwork, pavement removal, underground utilities, drainage pipe installation, sub-grade stabilization, crushed aggregate and econocrete base courses, bituminous base courses, 16” Portland concrete pavement, cement treated permeable base, electrical duct bank and handhole installation, manholes, foundation work, erosion control, and QC/QA management. This was the largest runway project that was ever undertaken at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

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