Myrtle Beach International Airport Rehabilitation of Runway 18-36

Project Title: Myrtle Beach International Airport Rehabilitation of Runway 18-36

Project Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Project Owner: Horry County Department of Airports

Myrtle Beach International Airport, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach Airport is owned and operated by the Horry County Department of Airports and is a single runway airport. This project consisted of a full rehabilitation of Runway 18-36 and twelve taxiways connected to the runway. The work generally consisted of Bituminous concrete pavements, variable depth performance planing of Runway 18-36 and taxiway connectors within the Runway Safety Area (RSA), Portland cement concrete spall repair, crack and joint sealing, on-site plant for bituminous material production, bituminous paving (three lifts) of runway and taxiway connectors, pavement grooving, temporary and permanent runway and taxiway markings, shoulder/RSA grading, topsoiling and sodding, runway and taxiway edge and centerline light removal and replacement. Work had to be accomplished through specified nighttime airfield closures seven days a week.

The unique and challenging aspect of this project was that the Myrtle Beach Airport has only one runway, and Runway 18-36 had to be open every day for aircraft operations. Being the only runway for Myrtle Beach, each night the runway would be shut down to air traffic at the specified nighttime closure (designed by the airport), which varied on a nightly basis. This would allow a maximum work shift of eight hours and some nights a maximum work shift of only five hours. A portion of the runway would be removed and temporarily supported with painting and ramping sufficient for aircraft traffic so the airport could reopen in the morning for operational use. This type of operation went on from September 2014 through April 2015.

Each day, no matter what operation was occurring, whether Allega poured concrete, milled asphalt, or paved asphalt, the work had to be done, cured, and temporarily supported so the airport could reopen in the morning. This was also true for our subcontractors, especially our electrical subcontractor (Atlantic Electric) who would replace light cans, duct banks, and electrical circuits every night ahead of Allega’s work.

This project had a very strict timetable with large penalties if the morning opening was late. The reason for the aggressive work schedule, which took place mostly in the winter, was due to the number of vacationing travelers the Myrtle Beach Airport receives from May through September. The project was a seven day work week project, and the only time the job was shut down was for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Even with the demanding schedule and limited night hours to work, Allega completed this project with a perfect ridability and 100 percent compaction of the asphalt lifts. There was no corrective grinding on the finished asphalt surface. The project was accepted by the Myrtle Beach Airport in May of 2015 and reopened to a full 24 hour seven day a week operation.

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